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Liverpool 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur: Premier League - as it happened

Guardian - søn, 27/10/2019 - 20:02

Jordan Henderson and Mo Salah scored as Liverpool recovered thrillingly from the shock of going behind to Harry Kane’s first-minute goal at Anfield

7.02pm GMT

Thanks for joining. Here is David Hytner’s report ...

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6.58pm GMT

Klopp: “It was a super game, I loved it. It was us at our best.

“The best thing of my team today was you could not see the influence of the (Spurs) goal.”

6.50pm GMT

Kane: “We scored early on ... great start and then we dropped a little deep, soaked pressure and got to half-time.

“It’s a tough place to come and Liverpool are getting all those breaks at the moment.”

6.40pm GMT

Henderson: “First half I thought we played really well, I didn’t think we started well but we reacted to the goal brilliant. We deserved a couple of goals but their goalkeeper made a couple of great saves.”

6.23pm GMT

Peep peep! Liverpool go six points clear with a rousing and thoroughly deserved comeback victory. They were behind after 47 seconds but responded ferociously to win the match through goals from Jordan Henderson and a Mo Salah penalty. For parts of the game, they were as near to unstoppable as dammit.

6.22pm GMT

90+4 min Alderweireld heads straight at Alisson! That was half a chance.

6.22pm GMT

90+4 min A corner to Spurs. Gazzaniga is up.

6.21pm GMT

90+3 min Divock Origi replaces Roberto Firmino, who has had a relatively quiet game.

6.20pm GMT

90+2 min Son draws a smart plunging save from Alisson with a snapshot from the edge of the box.

6.19pm GMT

90 min Four minutes of added time. Milner is booked for a naughty tackle on Lucas Moura. This has been a breathless match.

6.17pm GMT

89 min: Rose misses a good chance to equalise. He beat the sleeping Alexander-Arnold to a long crossfield pass, came inside Gomez confidently ... and then blasted the ball over the bar with his right foot.

6.16pm GMT

88 min It’s now Arsenal 2-2 Crystal Palace, because Sokratis’s second goal has been VARed.

6.16pm GMT

88 min Christian Eriksen, who has had a stinker, is replaced by Giovani Lo Celso.

6.15pm GMT

87 min Liverpool have invited pressure since going ahead, although Virgil van Dijk is still strolling round with a resting heart rate. Spurs, for all their newfound joy of possession, don’t look like creating anything.

6.14pm GMT

86 min Sokratis has scored his second goal to put Arsenal 3-2 up against Crystal Palace.

6.13pm GMT

85 min Mo Salah leaves the field with what looks like an ankle problem. Joe Gomez replaces him.

6.11pm GMT

83 min Spurs bring on Lucas Moura for poor old Serge Aurier.

6.10pm GMT

82 min Rose is fouled by Alexander-Arnold, and a few Spurs players try unsuccessfully to get him sent off. It was a foul but not a second yellow card.

6.09pm GMT

81 min It’s now Norwich 0-3 Manchester United, with Anthony Martial scoring.

6.08pm GMT

80 min Ndombele wins another corner for Spurs, who have had their best attacking spell of the entire match since going behind. Human nature is the strangest thing.

6.07pm GMT

79 min Son’s excellent cross from the left just clears Kane and is put behind for a corner. It’s half cleared, and then Kane has a goal disallowed from Son’s pass. It’s the right decision - Son was offside.

6.06pm GMT

78 min There is little praise too high for this Liverpool performance. They started the game 1-0 down, effectively. It took them 15 or 20 minutes to find their bearings, and since then they have been irresistible.

6.05pm GMT

77 min James Milner comes on to replace Gini Wijnaldum.

6.04pm GMT

77 min “Amazed that you haven’t mentioned how absolutely atrocious Eriksen has been,” says Niall Sheerin. “I was surprised to see him last the first half and can’t believe Winks got hooked before him. He has given the ball away every time he’s had possession and has been invisible defensively. His head’s been turned, he looks like couldn’t care. Get him off and out.”

I haven’t had time! But yes, he has been abysmal. You can understand him getting the runaround from Robertson, but he has been an irrelevance with the ball.

6.03pm GMT

Salah danced around the ball and then blasted it low to his right. It wasn’t a great penalty, in truth, but Gazzaniga stood still and that was that.

6.02pm GMT

Salah scores!

6.02pm GMT

Oh dear. Aurier did quite well to get back and dispossess Mane ... but then kicked the back of Mane’s leg as he tried to clear the ball. It’s a clear penalty.

6.02pm GMT

74 min: PENALTY TO LIVERPOOL! This will be checked, but it looks like a moronic piece of defending from Serge Aurier.

6.01pm GMT

73 min Alexander-Arnold, who has had a sensational game going forward, wins another corner. It’s taken short and moved back to Henderson, who crosses too close to Gazzaniga.

6.00pm GMT

72 min Ndombele is booked for this or that.

5.59pm GMT

72 min After good play from Trent Alexander-Bruyne and then Mo Salah, Firmino rattles a shot that is blocked by Sanchez.

5.59pm GMT

71 min Aurier’s overhit cross is volleyed into the side netting by the stretching Alli. I think the ball was out of play by the time he made contact with it.

5.57pm GMT

70 min Alexander-Arnold drives a left-wing corner to Salah on the edge of the area. He waits for the ball to bounce but then hooks it a few yards wide.

5.57pm GMT

69 min Robertson plays a give-and-go with Mane and crosses into the six-yard area, where Sanchez does brilliantly to divert the ball behind for a corner. Robertson has beaten Eriksen with disdainful ease all day.

5.55pm GMT

67 min Sissoko storms through midfield but then overhits a through pass to Son. That was a good opportunity for Spurs.

5.55pm GMT

67 min But Spurs lead emphatically on clearances: 29-4, in fact.

5.54pm GMT

67 min Liverpool have had 75 per cent of the possession, and 11 shots on target to Spurs’ one.

5.54pm GMT

66 min Salah whips a shot straight at Gazzaniga from the right side of the area.

5.51pm GMT

64 min Alexander-Arnold is booked for a hack at Kane.

5.51pm GMT

63 min Spurs do make a change, with Tanguy Ndombele replacing Harry Winks. That’s odd as Winks has been one of their better players, although he is probably shattered from all the firefighting.

5.50pm GMT

62 min I’ve just remembered that Dele Alli is on the pitch. I’m really surprised they haven’t changed their policy of defending narrowly, because Alexander-Arnold and Robertson are running the game. Another wicked cross from Alexander-Arnold just evades Firmino.

5.49pm GMT

61 min More good news for Liverpool: their beloved Roy Hodgson’s Crystal Palace have equalised at the Emirates.

5.49pm GMT

60 min Wijnaldum heads straight at Gazzaniga from another beautiful Alexander-Arnold cross. Just before that, he pulled that Alexander-Arnold’s cross at the far post but couldn’t find an angle for a shot.

5.47pm GMT

59 min This has been a stunning response to adversity from Liverpool. Since around the 25th minute, they have attacked with volcanic heat.

5.46pm GMT

57 min Alexander-Arnold’s angled throw from the right somehow bounces through to Firmino, who hammers a shot at the near post from a very tight angle. It’s blocked by the well-positioned Gazzaniga, who for a split-second thought it had slithered between his legs. That’s his seventh or eighth save of the game.

5.45pm GMT

57 min “Can I get this straight,” says John Potter. “You’re not covering the Norwich Man U game? Is this a first? Is this official confirmation Man U are just a bog-standard team now?”

I think the only reason is that it’s not being televised in this country.

5.43pm GMT

55 min Salah’s volley is straight at Gazzaniga. This game is only going one way. Spurs can’t live with Liverpool’s intensity.

5.41pm GMT

Fabinho floated a nothing ball into the area towards Firmino, who went over after a little shove from Rose. While everyone was appealing for a penalty, Henderson guided the bouncing ball into the far corner with his left foot. That’s an excellent finish.

5.40pm GMT

Jordan Henderson equalises for Liverpool!

5.38pm GMT

50 min Lovren is booked for a foul on Kane.

5.37pm GMT

48 min: Son hits the bar! The chance came straight from a brilliant goalkick/pass by Gazzaniga, swished from right to left and in behind Lovren. Son ran clear, went round Alisson and lifted the ball onto the crossbar from a tight angle.

5.36pm GMT

47 min: Fine save from Gazzaniga! Robertson ran at Eriksen and crossed towards the far post, where Firmino got between defenders and connected with a good downward header that was blocked desperately by Gazzaniga.

5.33pm GMT

46 min Peep peep! Liverpool begin the second half. No personnel changes, although it looks like Spurs may have switched from 4-2-3-1 to 4-1-4-1.

5.33pm GMT

“Sigh,” says Matt Dony. “I’m beginning to dislike Sundays.”

Trust me, you’ll love them again in an hour’s time.

5.31pm GMT

Even the nicest man in the world hates it

VAR is junk

5.19pm GMT

Half-time reading

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5.19pm GMT

Peep peep! Spurs lead through Harry Kane’s first-minute goal. They started very well, not just with the goal, but were battered in the last 20 minutes with Liverpool at their high-octane best. See you soon for the second half.

5.17pm GMT

45+1 min Liverpool appeal for a penalty when Mane’s cross hits the shoulder of Sanchez. It was an inelegant bit of defending, but it was just about legal.

5.16pm GMT

45 min Three minutes of added time. Martin Tyler reminds us that Spurs haven’t won an away game in the league since January. And Liverpool haven’t lost at home in the league for about two and a half years.

5.15pm GMT

44 min Manchester United have now missed two penalties at Norwich - one from Rashford, one from Martial - though they still lead 2-0. If they ever learn to score penalties they’ll be dangerous.

5.12pm GMT

42 min Alexander-Arnold’s free-kick hits the top of the wall. Spurs desperately need half-time.

5.11pm GMT

41 min Mane is fouled by Winks 25 yards from goal. The free-kick is slightly to the left of centre, perfect for Alexander-Arnold...

5.10pm GMT

40 min There’s some latent niggle in this game, and it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a red card in the second half.

5.09pm GMT

38 min Alexander-Arnold’s long cross is clipped back in the six-yard box by Firmino, where the stretching Sanchez unwittingly stabs the ball back to his keeper Gazzaniga.

5.08pm GMT

37 min Rose is booked for flattening Henderson. Spurs are angry because Sissoko had been fouled a moment earlier, but the referee waved play on.

5.05pm GMT

36 min Sissoko is booked for stopping Robertson from taking a quick free-kick. Spurs have done that a few times in this half.

5.05pm GMT

35 min Another goal at the Emirates: penalty fiend Luka Milivojevic has made it Arsenal 2-1 Crystal Palace.

5.03pm GMT

34 min The game has changed completely. Spurs are struggling to get out of their third, never mind their half.

5.03pm GMT

32 min Marcus Rashford has put Manchester United 2-0 up at Norwich. Arsenal still lead Crystal Palace 2-0.

5.01pm GMT

31 min Now Mane misses a great chance, flicking a header wide from Alexander-Arnold’s stunning pass. It was a brilliant ball, lofted over the defence from a very narrow position. It’s almost an insult to call it a cross. Liverpool have been quite awesome in the last five minutes.

5.01pm GMT

30 min Liverpool are right into their work now. Robertson surges into the box and drags the ball back towards the edge of the area. It rolls further back to Alexander-Arnold, whose thumping strike is palmed away by the diving Gazzaniga. It was a really comfortable save, although it was a superb hit from Alexander-Arnold.

4.59pm GMT

29 min Gazzaniga makes another good save, leaping to tip van Dijk’s close-range header over the bar. It came from a beautiful dipping free-kick by Alexander-Arnolld on the right.

4.57pm GMT

27 min Gazzaniga makes a vital double save. He stretched a long way to his left to flap away Salah’s rising drive from the edge of the area, then got to his feet quickly to block Firmino’s follow-up. He should maybe have pushed Salah’s shot behind for a corner; if it was a mistake, he redeeemed it with the second save.

4.56pm GMT

27 min “Is it too early,” says Jim Lacoss, “to substitute Lovren?”

I think he was taken off after 31 minutes against Spurs a couple of years ago, so it’s nearly time.

4.54pm GMT

26 min “Kane is basically a goal octopus, able to readjust his body in any direction that his predatory instincts tell him to,” says Justin Kavanagh. “With his convivial bonhomie and his WWI RAF Pilot looks, he is a peculiar genius indeed.”

4.54pm GMT

24 min Almost a second goal for Spurs! Kane’s cushioned volley is just too far in front of Alli, who would have had an open goal, and then Eriksen mishits a volley that bobbles just wide. That said, I think it might have been disallowed for offside against Kane had they scored.

4.53pm GMT

23 min More good news for Matt Dony: Scott McTominay has put Manchester United 1-0 up at Carrow Road.

4.52pm GMT

22 min The home fans aren’t impressed with the amount of time Spurs are taking over restarts. It’s a fascinating game, full of intriguing head-to-heads: Kane v Lovren, Alexander-Arnold v Son, Robertson v Eriksen.

4.51pm GMT

21 min Mane heads a long punt down to Salah, who lashes the bouncing ball straight at Gazzaniga from 20 yards. Spurs break through Kane and then Son, whose cross shot is blocked by Alexander-Arnold. That was good defending.

4.49pm GMT

20 min Alexander-Arnold’s outswinging corner is headed over by Mane, who lost Alli at the near post. The ball was moving away from him, so it wasn’t much of a chance.

4.49pm GMT

18 min Salah wins a corner for Liverpool, who are starting to impose themselves on Spurs. Alexander-Arnold’s outswinger is headed clear, but he gets another chance to cross and wins a second corner.

4.46pm GMT

17 min Aurier is down and in a bit of pain after a collision with his team-mate Alderweireld. Both teams could probably use the breather after a frantic start to the game.

4.44pm GMT

14 min Robertson plays a nice give-and-go with Mane, leaves Eriksen in his slipstream and slides a low ball across the face that is claimed by Gazzaniga.

4.42pm GMT

12 min Arsenal are already 2-0 up against Crystal Palace, since you asked. The goals have been scored by their centre-halves, Sokratis and David Luiz.

4.41pm GMT

11 min Fabinho’s long-range stinger is blocked. Liverpool haven’t got going yet.

4.40pm GMT

9 min Jurgen Klopp flagged before the game that Spurs like to play Son on the left against Liverpool, so that he counter-attack into the space left by the marauding Alexander-Arnold. It’s a really interesting battle, that, and Son looks Spurs’ biggest threat at the moment.

4.37pm GMT

7 min Matt Dony isn’t in a ditch after all! But he might be if this continues. “Ahoy hoy. Last Sunday, I had an enormously stressful but ultimately brilliant morning, then got horribly frustrated by watching United relocate their mojo and actually, y’know, play some decent football. This Sunday, I’ve had an enormously stressful but ultimately heartbreaking morning, so I’m hoping for a much better afternoon.

“Spurs looked ominously good against Red Star, with Kane in particular playing some fantastic passes. I know it was ‘only’ Red Star (and they were pretty darn poor), but I’m worried that Spurs may have played themselves back into some kind of form at just the wrong time. Glad to have Salah back. I hope Ox and/or Keita get a chance to come on in the second half.”

4.37pm GMT

6 min It’s been a confident, almost strutting start from Spurs.

4.34pm GMT

4 min “As a Liverpool fan, it’s the midfield that worries me,” says Alex Monro. “Every team now knows to block out A-A and Robertson, which means you need creativity in the middle. With Shaqiri injured and Ox benched, not sure we’ve got much of that out In the middle. Basically, we should have bought Eriksen!”

I think that’s a bit harsh on Fabinho in particular. Much as I love Eriksen, I’m not sure he would get into this Liverpool team.

4.34pm GMT

3 min Spurs have started in a 4-2-3-1 formation, with Eriksen on the right and Son on the left. That’s where the game came from. He ran at Alexander-Arnold, cut back infield and hit a speculative shot that ultimately led to the goal. Sissoko also played his part with a surging run through midfield and a pass to Son.

4.33pm GMT

Kane was onside and Spurs are ahead! Son cut inside Henderson, onto his right foot, and whacked a 20-yard shot that took a big deflection off the head of Lovren and flew onto the near post. It rebounded to Kane, who stooped to steer a header wide of Alisson from eight yards. That’s a deceptively good finish. I thought Kane might have been offside when Son had the shot, but he was played on by Virgil van Dijk.

4.31pm GMT

This might be disallowed for offside.

4.31pm GMT

14 seconds Mane is almost put through on goal by Firmino. With a better first touch, he would have been clear.

4.30pm GMT

1 min Peep peep! Spurs, in which, kick off from left to right. Liverpool are in red.

4.29pm GMT

There’s a belting atmosphere at Anfield, with a particularly lusty rendition on You’ll Never Walk Alone preceding the match.

4.26pm GMT

An email! “Afternoon Rob,” says Simon McMahon. “It’s not been a great day so far for teams wearing red. Wales, Aberdeen, Cardiff (well they used to wear red, for a bit), Bristol City. This is the kind of analysis you only find on the MBM. Hashtag just saying. I hope Matt Dony is ok.”

Given his emails before, during and after Wales’ Euro 2016 semi-final, and his silence today, I’m slightly worried about his joie de vivre levels.

4.03pm GMT

Liverpool are three points clear of Manchester City with this game in hand. Their next home match, a fortnight today, is against City. Spurs start the matcn in 10th place and could, depending on results elsewhere, finish the day anywhere between sixth and 14th.

3.59pm GMT

Newcastle 1-1 Wolves was the final score in the early Premier League game, a decent enough result for both sides.

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3.44pm GMT

Pre-match reading

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3.32pm GMT

Liverpool (4-3-3) Alisson; Alexander-Arnold, Lovren, van Dijk, Robertson; Henderson, Fabinho, Wijnaldum; Salah, Firmino, Mane.
Substitutes: Adrian, Milner, Keita, Gomez, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Lallana, Origi.

Tottenham Hotspur (4-D-2) Gazzaniga; Aurier, Alderweireld, Sanchez, Rose; Winks; Sissoko, Eriksen; Alli; Son, Kane.
Substitutes: Austin, Davies, Vertonghen, Dier, Ndombele, Lo Celso, Lucas Moura.

1.38pm GMT

Hello. We all love a quiet, lazy day at work, and I’ll elaborate on this theme as soon as I’ve finished ordering a new toaster. For us normal folk, some days are much busier than others, and we’d struggle to function if we had a huge deadline every time we walked into the office.

Yet that, pretty much, is what Liverpool have had to deal with in their Premier League day job for the last 14 months. Since the start of last season they have played 47 games, knowing before each one that they could barely afford to draw, never mind lose. It’s not like the old days, when title races didn’t really get going until the new year. Jose Mourinho changed that culture, and Pep Guardiola has made the pace even more demanding. These days, a title race is a marathon and a sprint.

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Mohamed Salah holds his nerve as Liverpool put Spurs to the sword

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There can be little doubt that Liverpool and Tottenham have gone in opposite directions since they met in the Champions League final in June. Liverpool won on that strangely underwhelming occasion in Madrid and they have since pressed harder, taking a stranglehold on the Premier League. Spurs, by contrast, have endured all manner of setbacks – both on the field and off it with regard to team building.

On a pulsating Anfield occasion, Liverpool emphasised the gap in quality, playing with a breathless front‑foot intensity and, for long spells, threatening to tear Spurs apart. The chances that they created were plentiful and clear-cut and it was all that Mauricio Pochettino’s players could do to cling on. They did cling on – throughout a first half that they led through Harry Kane’s goal on 47 seconds and until the 75th minute, when Liverpool’s only reward for their dominance had been Jordan Henderson’s 52nd-minute equaliser.

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Harry Kane out to settle old score with Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk | Nick Ames

Guardian - lør, 26/10/2019 - 22:30

Spurs striker ready for Anfield rematch four months after Liverpool centre-back dominated in Champions League final

In Harry Kane’s head the Champions League final will always be an occasion that, as he put it in July, Tottenham allowed to “slide by”. They were flat from the start and it did not help that Liverpool, and the man entrusted to mark him, smelled an instant advantage. Kane was rushed back from injury and Virgil van Dijk knew where the upper hand would lie. “If you’re not 100% fit, it’ll be in your head if you get a bit of a knock or you get a bit of pain when you pass it,” the centre-back said later. “I expected him to play the final, but not at 100%.”

When they meet again on Sunday afternoon Kane should be at full tilt even if Spurs look some distance short of the side that bounced to Madrid. It was not Kane’s fault he could not deliver when their greatest achievement was in sight but the team’s form offers a convincing argument that Mauricio Pochettino needs him just as badly now. In recent times it has not been easy, when the Spurs manager scans the faces in his dressing room, to work out exactly who he can hang his hat on. But there has never been any doubt about Kane’s fierce commitment to the cause, even when there are those who will happily test the quality of the pegging.

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Klopp braced for 'hardest period ever'

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Liverpool go into their Premier League clash with Tottenham on Sunday with a commanding lead at the top of the Premier League - but boss Jurgen Klopp says his side are about to enter "the hardest period ever" in their pursuit of the title.

Liverpool v Tottenham: match preview

Guardian - lør, 26/10/2019 - 09:00

Mauricio Pochettino’s struggling side confirmed “they have not forgotten how to play football”, as Jürgen Klopp put it, when they demolished Red Star Belgrade in midweek but a reunion with Liverpool may reopen insecurities. Tottenham faced Liverpool three times last season and lost on each occasion, with no reminder needed of what happened in the Champions League final 148 days ago. Anfield will provide plenty, however. The leaders are unbeaten in 44 league games at home and Spurs have won only once in their last 25 league visits. Andy Hunter

Sunday 4.30pm Sky Sports Premier League

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Poch concerned about Spurs documentary

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Mauricio Pochettino admits he has concerns over Tottenham agreeing to feature in a television documentary during the 2019/20 season.

Mauricio Pochettino concerned by Tottenham’s Amazon Prime series

Guardian - fre, 25/10/2019 - 22:30

• ‘I feel that now I’m more like a producer’
• Pochettino worried about extra workload

Mauricio Pochettino has admitted that he has concerns about Tottenham’s participation in a new Amazon Prime documentary, fearing it will add to an already formidable workload during the remainder of the season.

The fly-on-the-wall programme will adopt a similar format to those that previously lifted the bonnet on goings-on at Manchester City, Leeds and Borussia Dortmund, charting a campaign that has got off to a fraught start. Filming has begun, with Pochettino’s blessing, but he half-joked that he must add the title of “producer” to the rest of his responsibilities.

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'We felt empty' - Spurs boss Pochettino reflects on Champions League defeat by Liverpool – video

Guardian - fre, 25/10/2019 - 17:21

Before their Premier League meeting on Sunday, Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp and Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino were asked to reflect on June's Champions League final, which was the last time the teams met.

"It was tough - it was all or nothing, and it was nothing. We felt empty," Pochettino said of the 2-0 reverse in Madrid that clinched Liverpool's sixth European Cup.

"We won the Champions League final, we know that...that's additional motivation [for Spurs] to put things right," said Klopp, looking ahead to Sunday's tie.

Ahead of the weekend's matches Liverpool are six points clear at the top of the Premier League, with Spurs in seventh place, 13 points behind.

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Could Kane really be an NFL kicker?

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Harry Kane’s claim earlier this year that he has "one eye on" a career as an NFL kicker once his football days are over was just the latest occasion that England’s captain has expressed an interest in a change of sport. There is nothing imminent. He envisions that any switch is at least a decade away. But he insists his desire to play in the NFL is real.
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